Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

Princess, oval, emerald and round – there are oh so many choices for our top engagement ring trends for 2019!

When I got engaged, the only request I had for my own ring was that it resembled my grandma’s. She got married in the 1950’s, so you can imagine her ring was pretty classic with some vintage details. Since I always admired my grandmother growing up, I know that I wanted her’s to be my inspiration!

Fast forward to 2019, and I’m still loving the fact that many engagement rings are vintage and antique inspired.

Below are some of my top favorite wedding engagement ring trends for 2019. Since there are so so many kinds floating around out there on Etsy, Pinterest, Google, etc… I decided to break them up into 3 of my favorite categories: vintage, boho, and classic. Hope you enjoy browsing these little beauties!

1. Vintage Inspired Wedding Rings


Vintage wedding rings include styles from many eras. From Victorian (1800’s) to Art Deco (1915-1930’s) to Mid-Century (1950’s), it covers a wide span of time. Lucky for us, many of the most beautiful styles came out of this time period. Some of our favs include: geometric cut, colored stone accents, yellow & rose gold, and floral/leaf shapes.

2. Boho Inspired Wedding Rings


Bohemian wedding rings mix antique, Art Nouveau, modern, and organic styles. The twig bands are amazing! They’re natural and elegant at the same time. Also the unique geometric cuts like triangle and stacked bands are also a personal favorite.

3. Classic & Colored Stone Wedding Rings


Now that you’ve seen our favorite engagement ring trends for 2019… we have to ask, which style is your favorite?

Vintage Wedding Rings: Top Left: photo via Southern Weddings | Middle Left: photo via The Bride Loves | Bottom Left: photo via Want That Wedding | Top Right: Heidi Gibson | Bottom Right: photo via Southern Weddings | Boho: Top Left: photo via Festival Brides | Middle Left: Jessie Jordan Jewelry | Bottom Left: photo via The Lane | Top Right: Heidi Gibson | Top Right Middle: Jewelry Designer Kristin Coffin  | Bottom Right Middle: Source Unknown | Bottom Right: photo via Emmaline Bride Classic: Top Left: Ben Bridge Jewelry | Bottom Left: photo via Style Me Pretty | Top Right: Ken & Dana Design | Bottom Right: Bario Neal

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  1. Hi! I am trying to find the designer of the very first pictured ring on this page. It is not listed in any of your three categories. It is just below the title of this blog; it has a white stone in the center, surround by more tiny stones and jewels. I am so in love with this ring! Please let me know the designer if you can. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ruth, We love this design as well! Thanks for reaching out. We can try to find out more details for you.

  2. the trend in 2016 is still in demand. Girls always want something a little more unusual, This blog is for those fashion trendy women. thanks for sharing.

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