DIY Floral Bridal Shower Balloons

Add a bit of whimsy to your party with these DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons! Delicate blooms and sweet satin ribbon dress up store-bought balloons to create a unique addition to your shower decor.



These easy-to-make decorations can totally be customized to fit your theme – choose small roses and foliage like we did for a garden party vibe (to match our Garden Roses invites), or go with tiger lilies and leaves for a romantic look (to match our Soft Roses invites).

This DIY is best when done with a friend – the helium-filled balloons are a bit tricky to work with, and love to float away while working! This partner project should be completed right before the shower starts – as with most store-bought balloons, they will only hold up the length of the party. We don’t suggest you completing this project in advance!

Although you may want to fully decorate these balloons, it’s easy to weigh them down if too many blossoms are added. Keep it simple with a few blooms – otherwise, your balloons won’t float!

Follow along below for the full tutorial!

DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons

Step 1

Gather materials. You’ll need helium-filled balloons (Party City has great options), a variety of small faux flower blooms and foliage, scissors, hot glue, satin ribbon (3/8″ width) and scissors.

Step 2

Start by cutting long 6′ pieces of satin ribbon – edit this length depending on how/where you will be displaying your balloons. Tie each piece tightly to the knot on each balloon.

DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons

Once secured, you can cut the plastic ribbon off and trim the end of the satin ribbon.


DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons

Step 3

Use a dot of hot glue to adhere a small bloom to the knot of the balloon. Do NOT glue directly to the balloon’s surface- the material is super thin, and there’s a chance it can melt/pop your balloon! Each balloon can only handle the weight of a few small blooms before it gets overly weighed down (our limit was 2 to 3, plus a few foliage leaves). They won’t hold up to larger/heavier flowers or foliage.

DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons

Step 4

Continue gluing blooms (using small glue dots each time) to the other side of the knot, fully covering it. As the balloons turn in the air, you’ll want to make sure all sides are covered for a seamless look.

DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons

Step 5

If desired, add foliage accents to each balloon. Glue these directly to the satin ribbon, under the flower petals, to hide any plastic from showing. Use small clippings and cut off extra plastic on the stem before gluing to prevent adding extra weight.

Let the glue fully dry before bringing to your party. If you’re having an outdoor or backyard shower, simply tie weights at the bottom or securely tie to a table, etc, and place around the area. These balloons reflect the natural setting while still adding a feminine, chic touch! They also work great placed against a white wall to create an impromptu photo backdrop!

You can also use lace ribbon, instead of satin, for an even more romantic look. And, if you’re not into flowers, simply use all greenery for a contemporary scheme. Try using jute rope, instead of ribbon, to add a total earthiness. The natural look of jute will compliment the greenery perfectly! So many options…..which will you DIY?

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DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons
DIY Bridal Shower Floral Balloons

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