Finding the Perfect Ring

Okay so you’re ready to get engaged, but you are unsure what rings to choose or what your bridal style will be?! That’s okay. Here are some great tips to figure which engagement ring is right for you! 

Inspiration IRL (In-Real-Life)

Ask your married friends and family if you can look at their rings. It’s one thing to look online, but trying them on (even if they don’t fit) allows you to get a real life look at the many different styles of engagement rings. Who knows, Aunt Sally may have a pear shaped diamond that you would have never considered without seeing it first-hand!

 How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring


Something to consider is how your engagement ring will fit with the wedding band. Do you plan on stacking your rings? Consider getting a flat band so that the two rings fit flush together. This is a great option if you want to wear them both at all times! The setting of your engagement ring can affect how another ring will fit next to it. Prong settings are one of the more popular, classic styles because the setting is high so the wedding band can fit with no problem!

Match Your Style

Are you a classic girl or do you want something out of the box? 2019 is the year for trying new things and there are some out of the box ring styles that are becoming popular. Gemstones and raw stones are beautiful alternatives for a unique bride! Gemstones like sapphire can provide a pop of color to your wedding and engagement ring set. This style has become popularized in recent years because of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge. Raw stone rings are definitely a statement piece that are more budget-friendly. Online jewelers like Blue Nile, offer a variety of engagement ring styles for every bride-to-be, featuring both diamonds and gemstones.

Match Your Lifestyle

Get a ring that won’t get in the way of your everyday life! This is especially important if you want to wear your ring everyday to keep your partner close to you. Consider a style and setting that won’t require too much maintenance so you don’t have to worry about ruining your ring.

Buy a Set

Why buy one when you can get the perfect matched set? If you love being matchy matchy then this is the perfect solution for you! A lot of jewelers and online retailers sell sets of engagement and wedding rings so you don’t have worry about sizing and styling. They will be the perfect fit and look gorgeous together. On the upside, you will have a fabulous combination that will have all of your friends wanting to take a second look!


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