Top Trending Engagement Ring Styles 2017

It’s every girl’s dream; the most perfect, most sparkly, most undoubtedly dazzling diamond to say “I Do!” to! Many brides-to-be fantasize about their rings – we’ve all been there (or will be there), right?! With so many styles, colors, themes and types to choose from, the options are almost endless. I mean, how’s a gal too choose?! Well, fret not. We’ve pulled our top pics for 2017 below – in different styles, for every different bride. This year, the trend is all about mixing old and new for completely different, yet all undeniably beautiful, looks.

View our top engagement ring picks from some of our favorite designers below, organized into three major trends:

  1. Stacked rings (engagement ring/wedding ring combination)
  2. Era-inspired rings (vintage and floral designs)
  3. Colored rings (unconventional stones in a variety of colors and platings *rose gold!!*)

Hopefully these artfully handcrafted pieces will serve as major inspiration for anyone planning a wedding!

1. Stacked Engagement Rings


Our first engagement ring trend for 2017 is stacked designs. Stack one or stack many, the choice is yours! These fitted engagement ring/wedding band combos have been surely up-trending and we will continue to see stacked designs throughout the year. Whether the stacks include simple metallic bands, small pave-set diamonds, etched designs or more, we love the whimsy of being able to mix and match styles. Furthermore, the mixed metals in these designs give a very bohemian look. These rings are perfect for that free spirited, boho bride who loves creating her own unique vibe. With the rise of boho fashion and bohemian-themed weddings, we’re seeing rose gold become more popular as a result. The metal is finding its way into these stacked designs and focal rings, offering a step between bright gold and cool silver. Wear them all stacked up, or a few on different fingers!

Featured Stacked Wedding Rings:

1. Anna Sheffield Jewelry Hazeline Suite No. 13 | 2. Anna Sheffield Jewelry Hazeline Suite No. 10 |
3. Anna Sheffield Jewelry Hazeline Suite No. 17 | 4. Anna Sheffield Jewelry Hazeline Suite No. 01 |
5. Kristin Coffin Supernova |

2. Vintage & Era-Inspired Engagement Rings

Top Engagement Ring Styles 2017 Vintage Rings

Our  second engagement ring trend for 2017 is vintage and era-inspired designs. With a nostalgic feel of a bygone era, these breathtakingly detailed designs call on inspiration from the past. Because of this, we’re seeing natural elements and floral motifs in many of these vintage-style engagement rings. From petal-like patterns to small blossoms or branches, a very Art Nouveau feel comes to mind. 1920’s “Gatsby” Art Deco is also reflected in the use of geometric fan-like diamonds and metal filigree framework. Don’t these just remind you of a 20’s ballroom gala, complete with sequins and sparkling champagne?! If you’re a fan of glam, glitz, and vintage vibes, these rings are right up your alley. Perfect for the classically chic, sophisticated bride.

Featured Vintage and Era-Inspired Wedding Rings:

1. Trumpet and Horn Butterfield Ring | 2. Trumpet and Horn Rose Gold Peachtree | 3. Heidi Gibson Oval Gatsby | 4. Kristin Coffin Diamond Feather Ring | 5. Kristin Coffin Twig and Leaf Bands |

3. Colored Engagement Rings

Top Engagement Ring Styles 2017 Colored Rings

Lastly, our third top trend for 2017 is colored rings. Rather than mimicking the days of simple diamonds – bring on the color! These pieces are for the bride who wants to stand out and glamorously break tradition. Designs featuring blue, pink, topaz, green, gray and purple stones are popping up in designers’ collections. Oval cut, pear shape and marquise stones are commonly used, giving a slight added detail and unconventional look. The gorgeously soft hues of these focal stones keep the rings subtly sophisticated. You can have your cake, and eat it too (which is of course, most important!)…..

Rose gold plating is also a HUGE trend we are seeing, replacing the usual gold and white gold finishes. Major trend forecasting sites such as FashionSnoops see rose gold becoming increasingly popular fall 2017 into winter/spring 2018. We’re loving the shimmering blush tones of rose gold, which makes it compliment almost every other color.


1. Natalie Marie Oval Crown  | 2. Natalie Marie Pear Cut | 3. Natalie Marie Solitare | 
4. Heidi Gibson Rhapsody |
 5. Heidi Gibson Oval Gatsby |

In conclusion, we hope you gained some inspiration when looking at these gorgeous designs! Whether you’re a classically chic bride, boho spirit, rule breaker or somewhere in between, 2017’s designs have a lot to offer. Which trend is your favorite?

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Top Engagement Ring Styles 2017

Top Engagement Ring Styles 2017

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