Customize These Wedding RSVP Wording Samples

Your wedding options can seem endless from flowers, to venues, to photographers. However, when wording your RSVP cards, there are a few must-haves. In other words, these are items on your RSVP that you absolutely have to include. Never fear, we’re here to give a few ideas on how to word RSVP cards and also must-have etiquette tips.

wedding rsvp wording checklist

1. A respond-by date

A date 4 weeks from your wedding is the perfect amount of time. However, for destination weddings, or if you’re inviting a lot of out of town guests, add on a few weeks to give your guests enough time to make travel plans.

2. A blank line for guest’s names

Your guest will use this space to write in their name as well as the name(s) of their partner or children they’re bringing along. In addition, these names will be combined to create your final guest list and place cards for your reception.

3. The “will attend” and “will not attend” lines

This wording can as formal or fun as you want it, just as long as it’s there.

4. Choice of entrées

If you’re offering plated meals at your reception, be sure to include a short and simple description and a space for guests to check or initial their selection.


traditional wedding RSVP wording


simple wedding RSVP wordingWedding RSVP Wording Ideas


classic wedding RSVP wording


formal wording + online rsvp wording

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas


entrée selections with icons

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas



song choice rsvp wording

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas


rsvp wording with number of guests

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas



online rsvp wording with wedding details

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas



fun wedding RSVP wording

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas


dietary restriction line on rsvp card

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas



wedding RSVP Wording with accommodations

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas


online rsvp by wedding website

Wedding RSVP Wording Ideas


online rsvp by email


Alas, you got your wedding RSVP card wording down pat. But, what about the envelope? When creating the RSVP envelope, follow these tips to properly address your wedding RSVP cards:

1. Pre-address and stamp the envelopes

These are essentials for proper etiquette of RSVP cards. Thankfully, these will save you and your guests time in the long run.

2. Pick the right return address

Your return address on the RSVP card could be different than your main invite return address. However, that is ok. Whether it is the couple who is receiving the RSVP cards or a designated family member, pick the address of the person who is responsible for keeping track of the final guest list.

3. Don’t forget the stamp!

A pre-stamped RSVP card envelope is proper etiquette. In addition, it makes your guest and your lives easier.

You may be good with wording for your RSVP card. However, now you’re wondering how to word the parts of your wedding invitation? Check out our other blog post on How to Word Your Wedding Invitation for more tips and tricks.  

In addition, if you have any questions about any of the wedding invites you see above Contact a designer here.

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