Wedding Invitation Wording Examples to Make Your Own

Your wedding options can seem endless from flowers, to venues, to photographers. However, when wording your wedding invitation cards, there are a few must-haves. In other words, these are items on your wedding invitation card that you absolutely have to include. Never fear, we’re here to give a few ideas on how to word wedding invitation cards and also must-have etiquette tips.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to word your wedding invitation. Hopefully the examples above (adapted from Real Beacon Lane Weddings) will help get you started. However, on your wedding invitation wording journey – here are some etiquette tips to also consider:

wedding invitation wording etiquette checklist

  • Bride’s name goes first
  • Spell out all dates, ex. “Saturday, the fourth of June/two thousand sixteen”
  • Capitalize only the day of the week and month, not the year or day
  • Spell out times instead of saying A.M. or P.M. “two o’clock in the afternoon” or “half past five o’clock in the evening”
  • Spell out addresses like “Street” “Avenue” and states “Illinois” or “California”
  • Remove zip codes from ceremony cards. The ceremony card is a formal invitation, and should not include a zip code. If very specific directions are needed, consider including transportation info on another insert card, or link guests to your wedding website – also consider most guests nowadays have a smart phone or GPS
  • Remove commas or periods from the end of a line, line-breaks between phrases act as punctuation
  • Do you want to set a dress code? Include an optional line somewhere on the invite like “black tie attire” “semi-formal attire” “cocktail attire” “beach formal”

customize these wedding wording examples to make them your own 

couple hosting with families

couple hosting

bride’s parents hosting

both sets of parents hosting

bride’s divorced parents hosting

Bride’s divorced parents co-hosting

including Deceased parent

destination wedding

So, you may be good with wording the main wedding invitation card. But, are you now wondering how to word the inserts? How about all ever important RSVP  Visit our How to Word Your Wedding RSVP Card guide here. 

Also check out our other blog post on How to Word Your Wedding Invitation for more tips and tricks.  

Have questions about any of the wedding invites you see above? Contact a designer here.

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