Matching Wedding Day Stationery: Desert Love

Matching your wedding day stationery is made easy with Beacon Lane. All of our invitations can be paired with matching Menus, Programs, Place/Escort Cards, Table Number Cards, Table Top Thank you Cards, and Favor Tags. Coordinating Bridal Shower Invitations are also available for several of our most popular designs. See below options for matching Wedding Day Stationery with Desert Love, our most popular cactus inspired invitation. With each order we offer up to 3 emailed proofs to confirm personalization, customizable wording, fonts, materials and ink colors, and full assembly as shown in the photographs. Matching Wedding Day Stationery: Desert Love|

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Matching Wedding Day Stationery: Desert Love JANDesert Love Save the Dates 

Save The Dates

Save the Dates come in a variety of sizes and customizable wording and font. Save the Dates are offered in two sizes; short card (4.25×5.5) and long card (3.9×9.2) with blank envelope.

Desert Love Bridal Shower InvitationsDesert Love Bridal Shower Invitation 

Bridal Shower

Capture your wedding aesthetic in your Bridal Shower Invitations. We offer a variety of Bridal Shower Invitation styles. If you have questions regarding Bridal Shower Invitations that match your Wedding Invitations let us know.

Desert Love Bridal Shower invitations are available in ivory with specks blank envelope (A10), patterned envelope liner printed on taupe paper, and invite printed on ivory metallic paper (3.9×9.2).

Desert Love Flat Menu Cards 

Menu Cards

Menu cards come in two styles: flat and tented. Within each of these style options are there ways to customize.

The size options for our flat Desert Love Menu Cards are: short (3.65×8.5), medium (5.5×8.5), long (4.5×11). Add on an additional layer of backer paper and/or a ribbon tie for a classic detailed look.

Tented Menu Cards are two-sided menus with backing paper (8.5×5.5). 

Desert Love Tented Menu Cards 

Desert Love Flat Ceremony Programs 

Flat Ceremony Programs

Customize your Ceremony Programs to match your wedding invites. Desert Love Flat Ceremony Programs are available in a long flat style with printing one side (4.5×11).

Desert Love Ceremony Booklet 

Ceremony Booklet

Share the details of your special day with a Desert Love ceremony booklet. Ceremony Booklets can be customized to match your wedding invites. There are four sizes to choose from: large booklet with ribbon (8.5×5.5), medium booklet with ribbon (6.5×5.5), small booklet with ribbon (4.25×5.5), large booklet cover with tie (8.5×5.5) – printing on front & back only – add your own interior pages.

Desert Love Ceremony Fans

Ceremony Fans

Share the details of your special day with Desert Love Ceremony Fans. Ceremony Fans can be made single sided or double sided: single sided with backing paper (5×7) and double sided with backing paper and ribbon bow (5×7).

   Desert Love Tented Table Numbers and Desert Love Flat Table Numbers

Table Numbers

Complete the look with Desert Love flat or tented table numbers. These lovely table numbers can be framed or mounted in a decorative stand. Tented Options: small with backing paper (4.25×5.5), large with backing paper (8.5×5.5). There are four options to choose from for Flat Table Numbers: ready for framing (5×7) or (4×6), large with backing paper (5×7) or small with backing paper (4×4).

   Desert Love Place and Escort Cards and Desert Love Favor Tags 

Place Cards and Favor Tags

Personalize these Desert Love Place and Escort Cards to suite your event. Order them blank to handwrite guest’s names, or have us print them with guest name, guest name & table number, or guest name, table number & meal selection.

Desert Love Favor Tags can be personalized with your own wording, ink colors & paper type, include a hole punch, and/or add on a luxury tie to complete the look.

Desert Love Custom Signs 

Custom Signs

Create your own personalized signs that can be used in any way you imagine on your wedding day! These Desert Love Custom Signs can be framed or mounted in a decorative stand. Choose a size: 5×7 with backing paper, 5×7 (ready for framing), 8×10 with backing paper, or 8×10 (ready for framing).

Desert Love Reception Thank Yous

Reception Thank Yous

Thank you for being apart of our special day! Place one of these personalized Desert Love Reception Thank Yous on each plate setting to show guests your appreciation.

Desert Love Thank you Cards

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards can be ordered as a flat card or a folded card. Choose a size: flat card (4.25×5.5) or folded card (4.25×5.5) with blank envelope.

Desert Love Rehearsal Invitations

Rehearsal Invitations

Practice makes perfect! Invite family and friends to celebrate with you the night before with these Desert Love rehearsal invitations. These invites are a playful way to set the tone for your vintage-modern wedding.

Add on digital envelope printing to match and we promise that your guests will be swooning!

Choose a size: Large card (5×7) with additional layer of backing paper & blank envelope or small card (4.25×5.5) with blank envelope.


Desert Love Wedding Invitations

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