DIY Flower Bridal Crown

This DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown is part Perfect for outdoor settings, the mix of natural greenery and feminine flowers work great for a backyard party! Choose flowers or foliage that match your color scheme for a cohesive look. We love muted, soft colors for a romantic vibe – if bold is more your style, choose jewel-tone blossoms in complimentary hues!

Whether you’re a boho or traditional bride, everyone loves a flower crown. These are pretty simple to make, which is great for busy brides and bridesmaids. No-fuss faux flowers keeps the post-DIY cleanup to a minimum, as well.



Follow along below for the full tutorial!

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown


Gather materials. You’ll need a variety of floral or greenery sprigs, aluminum craft wire, floral tape, scissors, wire cutters and a hot glue gun.

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown



Using the aluminum craft wire, make a large hoop- make sure it fits comfortably around your head. Ours was approx. 8″ in diameter. Include multiple wraps of wire (approx. 5) in your hoop for strength. Cut and wrap the ends to finish the hoop. Keep in mind that the flowers will take up some space when your crown is finished – it’s better to make the hoop very slightly larger than needed.

Aluminum wire is great because it’s very flexible, for adjusting when wearing.

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown


Gather your chosen floral sprigs – starting with the largest pieces, begin to thin them out a tad by cutting off a few blossoms evenly down the stem. This prevents the crown from getting incredibly bulky, and allows for easier wrapping. Save the blossoms for a latter step…..

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown


Using one of the large sprigs from Step 3,  hold tightly against the wire hoop and use floral tape to wrap securely. It helps to cut the tape into 12″ pieces or so, instead of trying to wrap straight from the large roll. Don’t wrap all the stems to the hoop- let a few blossoms stick out, unwrapped, for a more natural look. Again, make sure you wrap tightly (without distorting your hoop)!

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown


Continue wrapping large sprigs around the hoop, alternating directions to keep the overall look realistic.

If desired, wrap in a few leaf clippings with the sprigs – you can choose to have foliage all around the crown, or create a central focal point.

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown


Fill in any empty spots with the small blossom clippings leftover from Step 3 – fire up the hot glue gun and carefully glue the small flowers in some of the crevices. We chose to add more flowers towards the front of the crown to create a focal point. Allow your crown to fully dry before wearing!

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown

The wire is still bendable underneath the flowers, which makes for easy wearing. The faux flowers also hold up great, without wilting, and minimal cleanup is necessary.

DIY Garden Roses Floral Bridal Crown
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Which color and flower combination will you create for your event?

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