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Beacon Lane Boxed Wedding Invitations

Living in Brooklyn, NY it can be easy to feel like life is moving at a million miles a minute. We know you love the quick pace, but planning a wedding in the city doesn’t make life any easier. Between organizing the florist, caterer, and decorations, not to mention setting up your registry, you shouldn’t have to slow everything down in your wedding planning just to address invitations or stuff envelopes.

At Beacon Lane, we pride ourselves on making things easier for you throughout the entire process. Our boxed wedding invitations are a fantastic example of this philosophy; as they are designed to not only look gorgeous but also to save you time stuffing & addressing each individual envelope. We can all agree that Brooklyn is busy enough without you having to spend endless hours addressing and stuffing invitations instead of focusing on the things that really matter. Included in your boxed invites is everything you will need to wow your guests with the elegance of your invitations.

Between our extensive variety of themes, all specially made to perfectly accommodate any season or style, and the option to customize any of our styles, we know we can help you find a style that will fit your wedding perfectly. Our goal is to make your wedding more enjoyable by providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your wedding paper planning needs. All you have to do is select the style to complement your special day in the Brooklyn, NY area.

Urban Elegance

Urban Elegance Boxed Wedding InvitationsEspecially popular for weddings in the big city, our Urban Elegance style will leave your guests speechless at its casual yet chic appearance. To achieve that classic feel that Beacon Lane is known for, we combined black and gray to produce a color scheme that will add to the modern yet formal appearance of your wedding. With an added flair of bright red to accentuate the excitement and happiness of the occasion, Urban Elegance is sure to match your Brooklyn, NY wedding perfectly.

Offered in our pre-assembled boxed wedding invitation format, Urban Elegance is the perfect style to match your wedding in the Brooklyn, NY and can easily be personalized to perfectly fit the feel and tone of your wedding. Whether you’ve already fallen in love with Urban Elegance in its present beauty, or you can’t wait to make a few of your own adjustments, we’ll email you up to 3 proofs to make sure you’ve found a style that will make your wedding even more beautiful.

Wedding invitations aren’t the only one of those little necessities that we can handle for your wedding in Brooklyn, NY. We offer everything from matching save-the-dates & thank you cards, to programs, table numbers, and even reception menus. With Urban Elegance, we did the planning so you don’t have to.


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