When To Send Wedding Invitations

So, you’ve sent out save the dates, finalized all your wedding day details, and now you’re ready to send out your wedding invitations. To help, we put together a few tips to figure out when to send out your wedding invitations.

When should I send my wedding invitations?

  • 6-8 weeks before your wedding day

In most cases, you’ll want to mail your wedding invitations out about 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. Your RSVP date is usually about a month out from the wedding day and you will want to give your guests a couple of weeks to respond.

If you didn’t send out save the dates, you may want to consider sending out even earlier, especially if you’re inviting guests from out of town.

What if I’m having a destination wedding?

  • 12-16 weeks before your wedding day

For a destination wedding, you will definitely want to give your guests plenty of time to make travel plans. We recommend sending destination wedding invitations out 12-16 weeks ahead of the big day.

Now that you have an idea of when to mail wedding invitations, you may be wondering…

When should I Order wedding invitations?

Our timeline includes an email proofing process with a live designer and hand assembly, so we recommend you order at least one month before you hope to mail your invitations. As long as all of your wedding details are finalized we suggest ordering as soon as possible. Need some extra time to finalize your guest list? If you are ordering digital guest addressing, we won’t need your final guest list until right before final payment.

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