Wedding Day Survival Kit Guide

What to Include in Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

Wedding day preparations can take a great deal of time and effort. Every couple wants to ensure that they have a day that reflects their love for one another. Making sure that all the little details are perfectly planned out is tiring. Not to mention, what would happen if something went wrong on the big day?

No matter what possible scenarios you’re conjuring up in your head of things that could go wrong, let those feelings go. It’s going to be alright. You can prepare yourself for anything that might come your way by packing an emergency wedding day kit. It will have all you need close by to give you peace of mind.


Here are our top 15 items to include in your survival kit:

1. Hair Pins – to keep all the pieces that might fall out of your updo in place.

2. Hairspray – for extra insurance that your hair will stay looking flawless all day.

3. Makeup – a few important tools for any necessary touch-ups throughout the day. This may include concealer, mascara, and lipstick.

4. Fashion Tape this tape works great for when you or a fellow bridesmaid needs to keep the dress in place or fix a rip or tear.

5. Sewing Kit – try to find someone who will be in attendance at your wedding who is capable of sewing minor rips and tears. This way you can call on them to work their magic with the sewing kit you’ve brought.

6. Undergarments – for the morning of your wedding day when you go to put the dress on and it won’t stay up. A supportive strapless bra can assist you in achieving the proper fit.

7. Clear Nail Polish – for fixing any chips or scrapes in your manicure. It’s also great if anyone in the bridal party is wearing stockings with a tear, the clear nail polish will fix the issue.

8. Band-Aids – whether it’s a small cut or your shoes weren’t broken in enough, you’ll be thankful to have bandages on hand.

9. Medicine – for when you didn’t see the flu, the allergy attack, or a headache coming. Have a few basic medications with you to combat any illnesses or pains.

10. Deodorant – you will be grateful for bringing deodorant if your wedding is on a hot summer’s day. It’s also helpful if you tend to sweat when you’re nervous.

11. Stain Remover Stick – accidents happen all the time at weddings. Don’t freak out if someone spills their drink on your dress or you get a grass stain when taking pictures outdoors. Use a stain remover stick to treat the spot before it sets in too much.

12. Mints – because no one wants to have bad breath for their first kiss as husband and wife.

13. Money/Checkbook – in case you forgot any payments or need someone to run out for something last minute.

14. Phone Charger – because it’s probable that you may have a few people calling you for directions or vendors asking for instructions. In this case, you’ll want to make sure that it’s fully charged. Hand it off to a bridesmaid for the day because you don’t need added stress. They can snap a few pictures for you while they have it as well.

15. Sunscreen/Bug Spray – because it’s hard to judge what the elements will actually be like on the day itself. Bring sunscreen and bug spray if you’re getting married outdoors.

All in all, it’s really important to not stress out! Enjoy the moment, and remember to have fun! The more prepared you are, the easier it is to relax and focus on your special day.  Best wishes!

Photo Credit: Lucas Rossi

Photo Credit: Rebecca Arthur

Wedding Day Survival Kit Guide

Wedding Day Survival Kit Guide

Wedding Day Survival Kit Guide

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