How to Word Your Wedding RSVP

So, you’ve finally found the perfect wedding invitation and now you need help with your wedding RSVP wording. Look no further! We wanted to share with you some tried and true examples of RSVP invitation etiquette for all types of weddings. We have information on each detail from the ceremony card, RSVP, accommodations and wedding weekend event card to anything else you may need to include. In this post we will help you with your  RSVP card wording.


The second most important card for any wedding invite suite is the response or RSVP card. Knowing what information you need to collect from your guests is the best way to decide how to word your RSVP insert. Some info you may need to collect is: total head count, entree choices of each guest, dietary restrictions, etc. Mix and match from the suggestions below to create the perfect RSVP card for your wedding!

RSVP Card Options

How to pick a response date?

Typically, you’ll want to pick a date that is about four weeks before your wedding day. However, if you are having a destination wedding or many of your guests are from out of town, you will want to add on a few weeks to give your guests enough time to make travel plans.

Response Wording choices:

  • Will attend / With regrets
  • Happily accepts / Regretfully declines
  • Can’t wait! / Sad to miss it
  • Will attend / Will be toasting from afar
  • Will be there! / Will be there in spirit
  • Delighted to attend / Sending regrets
  • Yes, I would love to come! / No, sorry, but I have a really good excuse!

How to politely say it’s adults only?

  • While we love to watch kids run and play, this is an adults only kind of day
  • We love kids, but this evening is a night out just for you

  • Adults only please
  • Due to limited numbers, we are sadly unable to extend this invitation to children. We hope you will see this as an opportunity to enjoy an adult day, let your hair down and that you are still able to join us on our special day.

What does the ‘M’ line mean?

The “M” on the RSVP card signifies the first letter of a title like: Mr., Mrs., Ms., and Miss. Nowadays, a lot of couples opt for saying “Name(s)” instead. Either way works!

RSVP – traditional

M _______________________
accepts with pleasure __
number of guests attending __
declines with regret __

RSVP with meal choice

M _______________________
will be there to celebrate  __ will be there in spirit __

please initial the entrée choice of each guest:
beef __ chicken__ vegetarian __

RSVP with meal choice & dietary restrictions

Name (s) _______________________
will attend __  will not attend __

select your entrée:
__  beef __  chicken __  vegetarian

dietary restrictions: _______________________

online RSVP

Kindly respond by

Please accept with pleasure or decline with regret on our wedding website

RSVP with wedding weekend events

Kindly respond by

Number attending __ Will not attend __

Number attending __ Will not attend __

Looking for something a little different for your wedding RSVP card?

Will be there to celebrate in style __
Will be there, but can’t guarantee style __
Can’t make it, intimidated by the abundance of style __

P.S. If you don’t RSVP, plan on bringing a chair and a sandwich

mad lib style wording

On October 27th, when Monica and David (verb) down the aisle.
(Your names) WILL/WILL NOT be there to (verb) them.
We are so (adjective) for Monica and David. We can’t wait to see them (verb). And wish them many years of happiness and (noun).

Kindly respond by

add ons

Advice to the bride and groom: _______________________
We promise to dance if you play: _______________________
Reception song request: _______________________

Hopefully this post has helped you figure out your RSVP card wording! Take a look back at our other posts on how to word your ceremony card or your wedding details card.

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