DIY Tropical Flower Centerpieces

We love the tropical vibes this bright, bold centerpiece is serving! Palm leaves and beachy blooms provide a super bohemian-chic mood for weddings, showers, or just any summer event!

They look amazing at destination weddings in particular, and can be customized to match whichever flowers you’ve chosen for your special day. Best of all, they’re super easy to prepare. Follow along below for the full tutorial!

Step 1: Gather materials. You’ll need a variety of glass votive holders/vases, sand, a spoon, tea lights, fresh forals/foliage, floral shears, floral foam (optional).

Step 2: Start to fill your glass votives with sand, making sure to fill only about halfway to three-quarters full. This allows room for your flowers and tea lights.

Step 3: Cut small clippings of your florals for your larger glass vases. We love a mix of bright blooms and greenery for contrast!

Step 4: If any flowers or foliage stems are too high, continue trimming so that the stems sit nicely within the vases – hold them up to the side of the vase before actually placing in the sand, to be sure (and to keep your workstation clean!).

Step 5: If you would like your flowers to stay fresher longer, you can cut off small pieces of wet floral foam and stick the stems within the foam. If using this method, submerge the foam within the sand and then use the spoon to carefully fill the vase, covering any exposed foam.

Step 6: To create the tea light votives, simply twist tea lights down into the sand, and fill around the rim of the votive with extra sand if necessary.

Step 7: Create a matching (larger) vase with longer floral/foliage stems to compliment!

Step 8: At the time of the event, simply light the votives and arrange the vases in the center of your table!

This decor makes us want to grab margaritas – who’s with us?!

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