DIY Sailor’s Rope Vases

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Looking for a super easy (yet oh-so-chic) decor item for your big day?! These DIY Sailor’s Rope Vases are just the answer! Understated and elegant, these will compliment any setting with soft, neutral tones and a play on materials.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

We love them for outdoor and backyard settings, where the light reflects through the recycled glass. You can choose flowers to match your wedding theme – or, use all greenery for a

Follow along below for the full tutorial!

Step 1

Gather materials. You’ll need large glass vases (Hobby Lobby has a great selection of recycled glass vases like these!), natural cotton cord, scissors, clear-drying craft glue and your choice of flower stems.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Step 2

Cut a 3′ piece of cotton cord from the roll. Use sharp scissors for a clean cut!

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Step 3

Place a small ridge of glue at the very bottom of the stem of the vase.  Gently press the cord end into the glue, and hold for a bit. Depending on your glue, it should start to hold tight after a few minutes.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Step 4

Gently hold the cord end and start wrapping the rope tightly, up around the stem of the vase. Continue to the top lip of the vase.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Step 5

Cut excess cord off and place another ridge of glue at the top, then place the cord in the glue to seal the end. Hold tight for a little bit, until you feel the glue get more secure.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Step 6

Cut varying lengths of your blooms or foliage, measuring against the height of your chosen vases.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

Step 7

Fill the vases with water. Next, place in your cut blossoms  and accompany with greenery – simple is better! We chose hydrangeas and eucalyptus (a favorite!) for a soft, feminine look.

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

The texture of the sailor’s rope just really compliments the recycled glass vases nicely – we love a play on texture and material!

DIY Sailor's Rope Vases

These also look really chic for beach weddings – the natural blue color of the glass compliments sandy destinations perfectly! Neutral tones play up the soft colors of the ocean – so perfect!

Happy crafting!


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