DIY Agate Table Numbers

Looking for an easy DIY to add bohemian flair to your wedding tablescape? These DIY agate table numbers are earthy and rustic, while still providing a perfect color pop to your display.

If you tend to shy away from DIY projects (They’re too difficult! Take too much time! I’m not artsy!!) don’t run from this one. These little pieces whip up quick, and it’s as simple as writing and gluing. The personalized touch of the DIY decor will help make your wedding even more fabulous! (Plus, your guests will give you major props when they find out you made ’em yourself — who doesn’t like a compliment?!)

DIY agate table numbers - Beacon Lane BlogDesert Love flat menu cards are the perfect way to let guests know what’s for dinner. 

For this tutorial, we went with a bright and bold palette complimenting our Desert Love menu cards (view here) — if using different menu cards, make sure to match colors for a cohesive look.

Follow along below for the full tutorial!



Gather your materials! You’ll need large agate slices (finding these on Amazon would be your best bet), Swarovski crystal flatbacks (in coordinating colors, find at Michaels craft stores), Gem-Tac glue (find at any major craft store), metallic oil-based Sharpies and mini pedestal clip frames (find these at Michaels craft stores, they come in multiple colors).

If you’re ordering agates online, order more than you need. Because of the organic nature of the stone, each piece will vary – some will be small, some will be larger, and a lot of color differences will occur! Having extra pieces will allow you to pick and choose the very best for your table numbers.

DIY agate table numbers - Beacon Lane Blogstep3


Choose agates in sizes that will fit best on your frames. Use the metallic Sharpie to draw calligraphy-style numbers on the surfaces of the agates. It helps to wipe the agates with a towel before drawing to make sure any oils, dirt and dust are removed for easier writing!

If you mess up, you can quickly wipe off your mistake with a cotton ball and a bit of nail polish remover. Wait until the agate is fully dry (and wipe with a towel again) before proceeding for a clean surface.

Let the Sharpie ink dry on the agate for a few minutes.


DIY agate table numbers - Beacon Lane Blog


It’s time to crystallize!! If you’re not a fan of sparkle (oh, come on now!!) you can skip this step. We think that a bit of glitz is always necessary – therefore, hence the Swarovski ? . Using 3mm or 4mm Swarovski flatbacks works the best for a hint of subtle shine.

Simply place the flatbacks on small dots of Gem-Tac glue in accent spots. If you plan on creating a lot of crystallized agates (or if you’re looking for a handy dandy tool for more wedding crystallizing!) the Crystal Katana makes it super quick, precise and easy to place stones. If you don’t have the tool, use a toothpick to place glue dots and tweezers to add the crystals.

Lastly, let the Gem-Tac dry fully – an hour or so.

DIY agate table numbers - Beacon Lane Blog


Finish the creations by clipping the agates to each frame. Place in the center of your tablescapes for a pop of color, sparkle, and boho flair!

DIY Agate Table NumbersThese menus are available in 3 sizes and can be customized to match your wedding stationery. 

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